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Thursday, 22 June 2017 03:07

C gets() and puts() functions

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The gets() function reads string from user and puts() function prints the string. Both functions are defined in <stdio.h> header file.

Let's see a simple program to read and write string using gets() and puts() functions.

  1. #include<stdio.h>  
  2. #include<conio.h>  
  3. void main(){  
  4.     char name[50];  
  5.     clrscr();  
  6.     printf("Enter your name: ");  
  7.     gets(name); //reads string from user  
  8.     printf("Your name is: ");  
  9.     puts(name);  //displays string  
  10.     getch();  
  11. }  


Enter your name: Sonoo Jaiswal
Your name is: Sonoo Jaiswal
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