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Ms Word 2013 Clipboard,cut,copy,paste,format painter

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Clipboard - Use Cut, Copy, Paste and Format Painter

After selecting text or an object, you can execute different operations, such as move, copy, delete, etc. You can complete these commands using the command order, shortcut key, or mouse.

Use Cut

To cut text, or an object, follow these simple procedures:

(1) Open the Clipboard in the Home tab and click Cut.

(2) Press <Ctrl+X>.

(3) Click the right mouse button and select Cut on the opened context menu.

Use Copy

(1) Open the Clipboard in the Home tab and click Copy.

(2) Press <Ctrl+C>.

(3) Click the right mouse button and select Copy on the opened context menu.

Use Paste

To paste a selection of text or an object:

(1) Open the Clipboard in the Home tab, and click Paste. This is shown as follows:

paste options

The paste options

(2) Kingsoft Writer offers four paste formats:

  • Formatted text: paste contents using "the source text format"
  • Match the current format: paste contents using "the text format of the current cursor position"
  • Plain text: paste contents using "plain text format"
  • Special paste: you can select the paste format based on your requirements, for example, clear format, object conversion, etc.

(3) Press <Ctrl+V>.

(4) Right-click and select Paste on the opened context menu.

You also can set a default paste format based on your preferences. To do this;

(1) Open the Paste drop-down menu and choose Set Default Paste.

(2) Select Edit in the opened Options dialog box, and find Default Paste Format drop-down menu. You can then choose one of the Formatted TextMatch the Current Format or Plain text options.

Use Format Painter

In order to use format paint simply:

(1) Place the cursor on the text or object that you want to copy the format of.

(2) Open the Clipboard in the Home tab and click Format Painterformat painter.

(3) The cursor will change into the format painter shapeformat painter brush.

(4) Move the cursor to the text or paragraph that you wish to change the format of, and select it.

Tip: If need to use format painter continuously, you can double click the Format Painter button format painter.

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