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Add A Watermark To Word 2013

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A watermark in Word 2013 can be a piece of text or an image. The watermark appears behind the main body of the document’s text so as not to obscure it. You might already have seen the ubiquitous “draft” or “confidential” watermarks that run diagonally across a document and identify the document’s status:


You can see watermarks in Print Layout view and Full Screen Reading view as well as in the printed document.

Let’s insert a text watermark into our Word document.

Go to the Design tab and click on Watermark (in the Page Background group on the right of the ribbon).

Watermark Command

You should see several readymade watermarks in the gallery: you can apply one to the document by clicking on its image. Surprisingly, there is no live preview here, so you really will have to click to apply and then undo to try another.

Watermark Gallery

If none of the pre-built watermarks suffice, then you can always search for more. Alternatively, you can add your own watermark using the Printed Watermark window. Click on Custom Watermark to get this window to appear.

Custom Watermark

The Printed Watermark window allows us to:

  • remove a watermark
  • add an image for a watermark
  • add a text watermark

Adding A Text Watermark

Let’s keep it simple for now and add a text watermark. Firstly, select Text watermark, and then select the language. Whichever language you choose, you will see a few commonly used phrases in the dropdown selector for Text. You can either choose something from this selector or just type your text in directly. You will probably want to keep everything else as the default, but you can actually change these details too:

  • font
  • size
  • colour
  • layout – whether the text appears diagonally or horizontally
  • transparency

Once you’ve made your choices, click on Apply to see the finished article and then click OK.

Adding An Image For A Watermark

Adding an image for a watermark is just as simple. Select Picture watermark in the watermark window and then use the Select Picture button to choose an image on our computer’s hard drive, a Clip Art image, or an image from Bing Image Search. Click Apply and then click OK.
I know what you’re wondering. “Does the watermark get applied to the current section, or the whole document?” The watermark gets applied to the whole document.

To remove a watermark, click on the Watermark command again and select Remove Watermark.

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